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Bloodlines Big Time Bloopers… Take 27

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Click here for the Bigtime Blooper podcast
3 minutes 9 seconds
A home made recording by Tom and Ingrid during their book 3 (untitled [...]


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Ready for some self-reflection after the abundant Christmas Holiday?

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Download our FREE Bloodlines Family History Guide and explore your past guided by your very own ancestors


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Inspired and curious I did some research on Thomas Hardy and found he was very much a defender of the country life-style and even feared for what he called ‘the decline of the rural class’ within the rapid developments of the Victorian Age and its industrial revolutions.


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Memories from the 1945 school bench

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As my mother’s school friend pointed out to me, my mother and she shared all big events of a life time. Not only did they sit next to each other at school; they also attended their weddings; witnessed the birth of their children and supported each other after the death of their husbands.


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Family History Guide Free Download

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Download the Bloodlines Series’ Family History Guide for free and follow the characters of Bloodlines-Touch Not the Cat & Bloodlines-Traces in their quest to find out more about the lives and times of their ancestors



5-day Free Download of Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat

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On November 11, 2018, it is exactly 7 years ago , the debut Scottish American Genealogy Mystery Novel by McKerley & Schippers, BLOODLINES – TOUCH NOT THE CAT was launched.
To celebrate, FREE KINDLE COPIES are given away during 5 day period between the dates of November 11 and November 15, 2018



November 2018 Library talks by Tom McKerley in Lanarkshire and Ayrshire

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Tom McKerley will be doing 3 library talks in November 2018, all to do with the ins and outs of researching family history and the [...]


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Stories bloomed from family tree

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Tom hit the newspapers again during this month of  May with a full fletch article in the news.


Willem II van Schotland

Dutch King Billy of Scotland

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Picture left:   William of Orange, 1650-1702, King Willam the III of England; King William the II of Scotland; nicknamed King Billy in Scotland [...]



Happy Hogmanay

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Happy Hogmanay to all our lovely readers and those who supported us in our writing endeavors of Bloodlines -Touch Not the Cat & Bloodlines Traces [...]



The Scottish Highlands without the Midges Kindle Promotion

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‘Book’ yourself a journey of a lifetime to the Scottish Highlands, switching back and forth between Victorian/Edwardian times and the present day adventures of American [...]



Family History Writing, Events & Bookreadings

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Dear Bloodlines Readers,
It has been a while since you last heard from McKerley & Schippers and what goes on in the sometimes surprising world [...]


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Who Gave ‘Auld Lang Syne’ its Words?

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Ask a genealogist what is the most interesting aspect of researching family history and you’ll most likely hear it’s what they learn about themselves, that [...]



Genealogy Mystery Bloodlines – Traces Dec 8-11 Kindle Promotion starts at 80 % discount

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Click Here for the direct link to the Kindle Countdown Deal of Bloodlines Traces and buy your digital copy with as much as 80% [...]



Genealogy talks for the Klu Klux Klan

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Family History talks by McKerley & Schippers in The Netherlands between 26 November and December 1.
A glimpse into the kitchen of family history [...]


Traces on Grandfather's Typewriter

Did He Have Any Enemies?

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What I like about listening to crime series over watching them, is that I hear more clearly what words and sentences are chosen to build up the narrative. Call it professional research if you will.

What I noticed while doing that for two days in a row, is that in many of the storylines, the same sort expressions are used to unravel the murder and the suspect’s motive.



3 lovely lovely new reviews

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The idea behind ‘Bloodlines – Touch Not The Cat’ is an intriguing one. Two threads of a story taking place a century or so apart on either side of the Atlantic are brought together in alternate chapters culminating in an absorbing mystery that has been shrouded in secrecy for generations.


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The Learning Curves of Writing: The Birth of a Book

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We had never before done much creative writing, or published a novel. Our combined experience depended on Tom’s love for reporting sports (I will not mention his club for fear of diversion from the subject) and my personal development-related manuals, texts and columns



Bloodlines Blurbs: a Legacy for Posterity

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‘You know it saddens me how over the years I never realized I wasn’t taking the time to discuss family history with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and so on. Now I do not even have a brother or sister to go to’
Cathy gave a wry smile. She could relate to the woman’s regret.


Ancestors and their events

Tell us about your family history

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Do you know what happened in your family generations ago?
Do you have your very own genealogy tale to tell?
We would love to hear [...]



The Likeliness of a Whisky Murder

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Many homicides are never solved in the real world, particularly those involving espionage.
In the 17th century a ‘tulip-mania’ raged through the provinces of [...]



A perfect mix of warmth, wit and a little eccentricity.

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Lovely review from a Macpherson no less…
The August Winner of the ‘Share a Post or Send in a Review’ contest is a Macpherson!
Thank [...]



Wow…what twists and turns and surprises

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Review from Ceci Wong,  
I just finished reading Bloodlines-Touch Not the Cat last night and WOW…what twists and turns and surprises…but oh, so much [...]



Share a Post or Send in a Review

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Who will be the next Winner of the Bloodlines Share & Review contest?
Send in a Review or Share one of our Blogs and tells [...]



The only disadvantage of Book One is that I could hardly wait for Book Two

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Review from Jorine Janssen
July winner of our monthly Bloodlines Review Sharing Contest.

“Normally I’m not one for different timeframes in fiction, but in Bloodlines [...]



And The Winner Is…

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Will you be our August 2016 winner of  your very own copy of Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat or Bloodlines – Traces, to [...]



Bloodlines Blurbs: The Funeral of Elisabeth Macpherson

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Inveravon burial grounds,
Bannfshire, Scotland.
picture: 2010, personal archives.
For reasons he could not entirely understand himself for they had quarreled almost all of [...]



Share a Post or Send in a Review and win a Bloodlines Mystery Novel.

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We select a winner by drawing an e-mail address from the submissions sent in to

The winner receives a paperback copy of Bloodlines [...]



June 21st 2016: Bloodlines -Traces paperback available NOW!

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New beginnings for Bloodlines-Traces on the day of Summer Stolstice, June 21st 2016
You can order your paperback copy of Bloodlines Traces here

While our [...]



How Publishing a Book is like Making Kefir

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In one of my other lives, I’m a bit of a health-food-freak, which I have discovered is a very effective way to chase your [...]


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