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Encounter with a MacDonald (Stranger than Fiction)

29-03-2012 1 comment

It’s March 27th 2012 and I’m sitting outside the terminal of Glasgow Airport to enjoy the sun before checking in for my flight to Holland. [...]



Interview with the authors on Dutchbuzz

21-03-2012 No comments yet

Dutchbuzz reporter Nicky Sully recently spoke to the authors of the latest English-language book to successfully emerge from The Hague with an afternoon filled with [...]



Ingrid in Leiderdorps Weekblad

27-02-2012 1 comment

Ingrid appeared in an article in the weekly newspaper Leiderdorps Weekblad from Ingrid’s hometown in 1970-80, for which she used to write a column (amongst [...]


Oxfam Charity Shop, Troon

Telegram from the Queen

27-02-2012 2 comments

As a retired IT consultant – nowadays a genealogy mystery novelist, I spend a lot of time indoors in the seclusion of my study.
In [...]



Local authors in local papers with blasts from their pasts

27-02-2012 No comments yet

As succesful first time mystery novelists, Tom in Scotland and Ingrid in The Netherlands are getting quite a lot of attention from their respective local [...]



The bear is out!

18-01-2012 No comments yet

Hi Everybody,
We’ve been hibernating a bit in our respective countries, Scotland and The Netherlands, but the bear is out!
Book “Reads & Talks”; new [...]



My Big Inspiration

12-12-2011 No comments yet

Today I received the posthumous book of Michael Crichton, “Micro”, co-authored with Richard Preston. It came together with “Bloodlines-Touch Not the Cat”.
I had ordered [...]



Great new reviews

04-12-2011 1 comment

“The book is a good interesting solid read and pulls your interest along with the changing timescales and characters. They are well constructed and you [...]



Scheduled by Fate

25-11-2011 No comments yet

While Tom and I were writing Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat, some spooky things happened. For instance, fictional events we had written would happen [...]


Bloodlines - Touch Not The Cat

Fabulous book review

17-11-2011 No comments yet

We received a fabulous book review from Mrs Shirley Curran, retired English teacher from the international community in Geneva, who writes about books on her [...]



Successful book launch!

12-11-2011 No comments yet

Thanks everyone present at our 11.11.11 launch of Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat.
You all turned it into a fantastic and very successful event! [...]


Oxfam Charity Shop, Troon


10-11-2011 No comments yet

I had quite an amazing experience a couple of weeks ago. I live in Troon, a sleepy little seaside town on the west coast of [...]



10 Q & A’s on the Scottish American Mystery Novel Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat

07-11-2011 No comments yet

Authors Ingrid Schippers and Thomas McKerley answer 10 questions about their book Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat:
Q1: The genealogy mystery novel, ‘Bloodlines-Touch Not [...]



Victoria’s Gloves

02-11-2011 No comments yet

Even though I’m used to synchronicity it never ceases to amaze me how one thing can lead to another.
Here’s my sequence of events:
For [...]


Bloodlines - Touch Not The Cat

Book launch in American Book Center on 11 November 2011

30-09-2011 No comments yet

The very first book launch of Bloodlines – Touch Not The Cat will be held at the American Book Centre in The Hague on Friday [...]


Touch Not The Cat has a brand new website!

30-09-2011 No comments yet

Remco Kalf has built a brand new website for Touch Not The Cat.
We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are. Please leave your [...]


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