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Local authors in local papers with blasts from their pasts

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As succesful first time mystery novelists, Tom in Scotland and Ingrid in The Netherlands are getting quite a lot of attention from their respective local press through articles in Local and Regional newspapers. “Both Tom and I had people from our pasts contact us again as a result of these interviews” Ingrid says. “Its fantastic! It’s like a whole life is coming together just because of one book, an amazing experience”.

Here’s the articles on Tom and Ingrid, with a translation to English for Ingrid’s article in the newspaper she wrote a column for when she was in her teens, by the name of Girl Talk.

“Author Tom is a time traveller”

An article about Tom in the Ayrshire Post of Friday, December 2011, 2011.

“Tom finally fulfils his Bloodlines ambition”

An article about Tom in the Airdrie Advertiser of Wednesday, 21 December 21, 2011.

The Love (P)article

Blogging blogging blogging is the magic word for (especially first time)authors. Here’s one from Ingrid, published in The Hague’s new, hip and highly popular international newspaper: The Underground :

Dutchbuzz radio interview

The international hour of Den Haag FM radio every Tuesday from 7 to 8, also featured an interview with authors Tom Mckerley and Ingrid Schippers. It can be found in their website:

Listen to the interview on


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