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Traces on Grandfather's Typewriter

Did He Have Any Enemies?

26-10-2016 Geen reacties

What I like about listening to crime series over watching them, is that I hear more clearly what words and sentences are chosen to build up the narrative. Call it professional research if you will.

What I noticed while doing that for two days in a row, is that in many of the storylines, the same sort expressions are used to unravel the murder and the suspect’s motive.



3 lovely lovely new reviews

18-10-2016 Geen reacties

The idea behind ‘Bloodlines – Touch Not The Cat’ is an intriguing one. Two threads of a story taking place a century or so apart on either side of the Atlantic are brought together in alternate chapters culminating in an absorbing mystery that has been shrouded in secrecy for generations.


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The Learning Curves of Writing: The Birth of a Book

08-10-2016 Geen reacties

We had never before done much creative writing, or published a novel. Our combined experience depended on Tom’s love for reporting sports (I will not mention his club for fear of diversion from the subject) and my personal development-related manuals, texts and columns