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On Synchronicity and the Appendix of Bertie

10-04-2016 Geen reacties

In 1902, two days before he was to be crowned, the future King Edward VII was diagnosed with appendicitis and in need of emergency [...]


Khalil Gibran

Dentist Waiting Room Quotes & Family Archives

10-03-2013 Geen reacties

It’s always interesting to observe how information travels from one person to the other and what happens next…….
My dentist seems to be a good [...]



Scheduled by Fate

25-11-2011 Geen reacties

While Tom and I were writing Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat, some spooky things happened. For instance, fictional events we had written would happen [...]



Victoria’s Gloves

02-11-2011 Geen reacties

Even though I’m used to synchronicity it never ceases to amaze me how one thing can lead to another.
Here’s my sequence of events:
For [...]