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30-11-2018 Geen reacties

Inspired and curious I did some research on Thomas Hardy and found he was very much a defender of the country life-style and even feared for what he called ‘the decline of the rural class’ within the rapid developments of the Victorian Age and its industrial revolutions.


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Memories from the 1945 school bench

11-11-2018 Geen reacties

As my mother’s school friend pointed out to me, my mother and she shared all big events of a life time. Not only did they sit next to each other at school; they also attended their weddings; witnessed the birth of their children and supported each other after the death of their husbands.


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Family History Guide Free Download

11-11-2018 Geen reacties

Download the Bloodlines Series’ Family History Guide for free and follow the characters of Bloodlines-Touch Not the Cat & Bloodlines-Traces in their quest to find out more about the lives and times of their ancestors