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The Scottish Highlands without the Midges Kindle Promotion

30-06-2017 Geen reacties

‘Book’ yourself a journey of a lifetime to the Scottish Highlands, switching back and forth between Victorian/Edwardian times and the present day adventures of American [...]



3 lovely lovely new reviews

18-10-2016 Geen reacties

The idea behind ‘Bloodlines – Touch Not The Cat’ is an intriguing one. Two threads of a story taking place a century or so apart on either side of the Atlantic are brought together in alternate chapters culminating in an absorbing mystery that has been shrouded in secrecy for generations.


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The Learning Curves of Writing: The Birth of a Book

08-10-2016 Geen reacties

We had never before done much creative writing, or published a novel. Our combined experience depended on Tom’s love for reporting sports (I will not mention his club for fear of diversion from the subject) and my personal development-related manuals, texts and columns



A perfect mix of warmth, wit and a little eccentricity.

03-09-2016 Geen reacties

Lovely review from a Macpherson no less…
The August Winner of the ‘Share a Post or Send in a Review’ contest is a Macpherson!
Thank [...]



Wow…what twists and turns and surprises

23-08-2016 Geen reacties

Review from Ceci Wong,  
I just finished reading Bloodlines-Touch Not the Cat last night and WOW…what twists and turns and surprises…but oh, so much [...]



June 21st 2016: Bloodlines -Traces paperback available NOW!

21-06-2016 Geen reacties

New beginnings for Bloodlines-Traces on the day of Summer Stolstice, June 21st 2016
You can order your paperback copy of Bloodlines Traces here

While our [...]



The Challenge of Writing A Sequel

09-04-2015 Geen reacties

Considering Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat, our first-born genealogy mystery novel, was an unplanned accident created by two first time novelists, it may not [...]



The Famous Chocolate Cake is Real!

11-07-2012 Geen reacties

Chocolate, as many of us are conscious of, works wonders with women. Mind you, I’m not discriminating here. I know men can be ‘into chocolate’ as [...]



Dream Come True at Ballindalloch Castle

09-07-2012 Geen reacties

Once upon a time, the combination of a dream of one author and the genealogy research expertise of the other; ignited the storyline for Bloodlines [...]


Tom reads at river Spey at Ballindalloch Estate

Tom reads at river Spey

18-06-2012 Geen reacties

It’s Sunday, 3 November 1895… “Gordon could not remember the pull of the Spey being this strong before….”
Listen to an audio excerpt from [...]



Participate in the Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat Virtual Mystery Contest Tour

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Join our Virtual Mystery Contest Tour - with personal pictures & stories from the authors - and get an online taste of the June 5th 2012 Ballindalloch Bloodlines [...]