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Scheduled by Fate

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While Tom and I were writing Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat, some spooky things happened. For instance, fictional events we had written would happen in real life afterwards, almost as if what we were creating was a script for a ‘real time’ movie.

Shortly after the launch, Tom had one of those ‘spooky’ experiences of his own. I had dropped him off at the airport, two days after the Dutch opening event of 11.11.11., to catch his flight home. Amsterdam to Glasgow is a pleasant short flight, with many planes scheduled per day, so usually there is plenty of space available on the plane and no hassle with seating. This time however, Tom was seated on an aisle seat on a row of three, and next to him an empty chair and on the window seat, a young gentleman. Tom had his copy of our book and his Kindle in front of him to do some editing checks on the e-book. A member of the cabin-crew approached the man in the window seat and asked to see his boarding pass, as there appeared to be some confusion on seating. The KLM attendant glanced at his boarding pass and said,

“Thank you for your co-operation Mr. Macpherson.”
Tom let out a short laugh.
“What’s so funny,” Mr, Macpherson asked.
“I just wrote a book riddled with Macphersons,” Tom answered. “In fact we’ve just launched it two days ago in the Netherlands.”
“Well, Macpherson is a very common name you know,” Mr.Macpherson said.
Another short laugh escaped.
“That’s exactly what we have one of the characters in our book say as well,” Tom replied. “It seems pretty synchronistic though that Fate should arrange for me to end up with a Macpherson next to me in the plane.”
As expected, Mr. Macpherson ended up wanting to know all about the Bloodlines -Touch Not the Cat and stepped out of the plane a good hour later with a note in his pocket as he wanted to buy it.

“Typical,” I said to Tom when he told me the story; “Is meant to be.” It made me smile
When Tom and I started writing the book, Tom was always the down to earth ‘no nonsense one’, while my spiritual beliefs always seek meaning in omens and synchronicity.
Now it was Tom who had experienced a little ‘funny coincidence’ of his own first hand.
I of course believe it was no funny coincidence at all, but a mysterious encounter, scheduled by Fate.

Ingrid Schippers.


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