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Proof pic Traces

We Want Proof!

17-05-2016 No comments yet

Yes, yes, yes, it’s here! The long awaited PROOF, Bloodlines Traces really exists has arrived!
After some confusement on both sides, Lightning Source (the [...]



Bloodlines-Traces: only a few more days to go

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I caught myself right in the middle of it this week.
Me, in one of my other lives an energy counsellor, telling people how [...]


Bloodlines-Traces by Ingrid Schippers and Thomas McKerley

Preview Bloodlines-Traces

30-04-2016 No comments yet

A page turner of a novel and sequel to the highly praised McKerley & Schippers debut,
Bloodlines -Traces reveals the challenges of Women’s Suffrage, poverty in [...]


Bloodlines Traces cover design V8

Bloodlines Traces to be published in May 2016

15-04-2016 No comments yet

It’s the challenges and learning curves that make the work worthwhile!
Thank you for being patient with us!
The aim is to publish Bloodlines – [...]



On Synchronicity and the Appendix of Bertie

10-04-2016 No comments yet

In 1902, two days before he was to be crowned, the future King Edward VII was diagnosed with appendicitis and in need of emergency [...]



Murder on the Royal Scotsman

13-03-2016 No comments yet

Bloodlines -Traces, the sequel to Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat, includes a ‘Murder on the Royal Scotsman, ‘  the famous Orient Express train which [...]



The Fine Line Between Fact and Fiction

31-01-2016 No comments yet

anything that happens in a book, is as much fact as it is fiction.
It all depends on who is doing the storytelling.
The author holding up the mirror? Or the reader recognizing the face?


Traces on Grandfather's Typewriter

Catch the Blooper

21-12-2015 No comments yet

The part of editing Tom and I are in now, is the most fun part.
It is the part, where the book is already [...]


Bloodlines Traces cover design V8

Looking for a Publisher in the USA

08-10-2015 No comments yet

WYBT (‘Would You Believe That’ publishing) will be publishing Bloodlines Traces on Kindle and for the UK/European market.
Based on our experiences with Bloodlines [...]


Authors at the writers Fringe

Writing as a Personal Development Tool

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Actress Anne Marie Martin, also known for being one of the 4 ex-wives of famed author Michael Crichton , (Jurassic Park, creator of the [...]



The Challenge of Writing A Sequel

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Considering Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat, our first-born genealogy mystery novel, was an unplanned accident created by two first time novelists, it may not [...]


Bloodlines Touch Not the Cat

A Curious Case of Inspiration.

24-02-2015 1 comment

Next to learning how to fly or having the wish to run a marathon, many people list ‘writing a book” in their bucket list [...]


Ancestors and their events

Ancestors United

04-02-2015 No comments yet

Have you ever wondered how much of what happens in your life today is a result of what happened in your family, 1,2,3 or even [...]



Gallipoli – How Alexander Stewart tells the true story of a gruesome mistake.

16-05-2014 1 comment

“It should be remembered that it is no longer possible to force the Dardanelles, and nobody would expose a modern fleet to such peril.”
– [...]


touch not the cat in the bookstore

The Birthing of a Book

04-03-2014 2 comments

Our firstborn, Bloodlines Touch Not the Cat, ends with a prologue to the sequel describing a birth.
We never could have guessed how appropriate this [...]



The Little Wonders of Writing

04-11-2013 No comments yet

A new character appears in the second book of our Bloodlines series, by the name of Clementina Dorrington.
Here’s how we found her;
One day [...]



I left them all alive and kicking, when I came to church

16-10-2013 No comments yet

On the use of Scottish, American and English English, as well as Victorian and modern day language.
One of the very good questions asked during [...]



“A compelling read” Roddy Martine, Scotland Magazine

15-08-2013 No comments yet

“A compelling read” Roddy Martine, Scotland Magazine
August 2013 Bloodlines-Touch Not the Cat Kindle Sale.
at your local amazon store. From GPB 8,99 NOW: GPB [...]



Bloodlines Touch Not the Cat Genealogy Mystery Tour in September 2013

03-07-2013 1 comment

Be part of the very first Bloodlines Touch Not the Cat Genealogy Mystery Tour in September 2013, and visit the Scottish Highland locations featured in the book, guided by the authors.


Khalil Gibran

Dentist Waiting Room Quotes & Family Archives

10-03-2013 No comments yet

It’s always interesting to observe how information travels from one person to the other and what happens next…….
My dentist seems to be a good [...]



Review in Whisky Passion

04-02-2013 No comments yet

Many many thanks to Ronald Zwartepoorte, chief editor of Whisky Passion Magazine and Hans Offringa, author and media specialist who collaborated on giving us a [...]



An introduction to genealogy: Workshops and Skype calls

16-01-2013 No comments yet

“ Scotland is rubbish at football, but if Genealogy had a World Cup; Scotland would be in the final”.
Iain Ferguson, Director of The National [...]



The First Steps Toward Family Tree Research

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Sometimes the answers are right on your doorstep! Talk to parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, (old) neighbors.
ŸRead about the years or era during which [...]



Fifty Shades of Bloodlines, the genealogy of success

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Where does success come from? Who fathered it? Who gave it the unconditional maternal love to make it grow? Which is the gene responsible for [...]



New Logo, New Publisher, New Inners, New Outers

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Almost a year after being published by Jo Parfitt’s Summertime Publishing on 11.11.11; Bloodlines Touch Not the Cat is going solo.
Jo, thank you for [...]



The Famous Chocolate Cake is Real!

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Chocolate, as many of us are conscious of, works wonders with women. Mind you, I’m not discriminating here. I know men can be ‘into chocolate’ as [...]



Dream Come True at Ballindalloch Castle

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Once upon a time, the combination of a dream of one author and the genealogy research expertise of the other; ignited the storyline for Bloodlines [...]


Tom reads at river Spey at Ballindalloch Estate

Tom reads at river Spey

18-06-2012 No comments yet

It’s Sunday, 3 November 1895… “Gordon could not remember the pull of the Spey being this strong before….”
Listen to an audio excerpt from [...]


The Daily Record

Daily Record Book review by Shari Low

16-06-2012 No comments yet

If there’s one we’ve learned as authors of Bloodlines-Touch Not the Cat, it’s that writing the book is only the first inch of the mile [...]



Participate in the Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat Virtual Mystery Contest Tour

15-05-2012 2 comments

Join our Virtual Mystery Contest Tour - with personal pictures & stories from the authors - and get an online taste of the June 5th 2012 Ballindalloch Bloodlines [...]


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