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Bloodlines-Traces by Ingrid Schippers and Thomas McKerley

Bloodlines-Traces by Ingrid Schippers and Thomas McKerley

A page turner of a novel and sequel to the highly praised McKerley & Schippers debut,
Bloodlines -Traces reveals the challenges of Women’s Suffrage, poverty in Edwardian Scotland, and the disastrous strategy of a young Winston Churchill during WW I.

Download the first 4 chapters from www.touchnotthecat/the-books/

Bloodlines -Traces will be available on Amazon Kindle and can be ordered on line and in your local bookshop as off May 16 2016.

American cop Cathy Stewart stays on in the Scottish Highlands, to defend the Macpherson family from the inquisitive D.I. Duckett over the bones of ancestor Gordon Macpherson. Simultaneously, she finds herself entangled in a 110-year-old scandal, involving the laird’s daughter Katherine at the University of Edinburgh. Meanwhile estranged husband David, continues his genealogy quest into the WWI atrocities of Gallipoli, where his ancestor Alexander Stewart is said to have died. Following Cathy’s trail, New Yorker Diane Cox boards the luxurious Royal Scotsman train, to heir-hunt her way to the Ballindalloch Estate and confront present-day patriarch Angus Macpherson. Just as the path of David and Cathy reunite and all threats come together, Angus disappears…

As a sequel to Bloodlines -Touch Not the Cat, here is another well researched Genealogy Mystery novel, Bloodlines – Traces, set against the majestic, moody backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.  With a multi -layered, page-turning narrative, it combines an atmospheric Gothic romance with a gripping contemporary murder mystery.

Vivien Devlin, Arts and Travel Writer. March 2016

A big well done to Tom and Ingrid on another high quality and interesting read. Anyone who enjoyed the first visit to Ballindalloch,

will feel they are catching up with old friends.

David Herron, Troon, Scotland


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