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Daily Record Book review by Shari Low

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The Daily RecordIf there’s one we’ve learned as authors of Bloodlines-Touch Not the Cat, it’s that writing the book is only the first inch of the mile of getting it out there. Persistence is the keyword in that.
Keep pressing that send button. Newspapers, reviewers, BBC programs, Clan Societies, Genealogy websites, Authors.

The other day Tom even sent an e-mail to the local weekly of Wake Forrest, North Carolina and yes indeed received an enthusiastic answer back. Bloodlines –Touch Not the Cat is now in stock at the town’s local bookshop. ☺

It’s this sort of persistence that brought our book to Shari Low, author and book reviewer of Scottish Newspaper, the Daily Record. We are very very happy with her review:

The Daily Record book review, Saturday 16th June 2012

Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat by McKerley and Schippers

“Once upon a time there were two authors with a clever idea for a new novel.
They worked together over month and miles, and the result has all the elements of a great read; family feuds, suspicious deaths, betrayals and a compelling narrative that switches effortlessly between the past and the present.

Detective Cathy Stewart, nee Macpherson, is coerced into visiting the Scottish home of her ancestors, Ballindalloch Castle. But her investigative skills are soon back at work, on the trail of answers to a mystery that has gone unsolved for over a century.

An auspicious debut and the perfect starting point for a series.”


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