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Telegram from the Queen

27-02-2012 2 comments

As a retired IT consultant – nowadays a genealogy mystery novelist, I spend a lot of time indoors in the seclusion of my study.

In my working days while researching my genealogy, I would have cherished this abundance of free time, but when encounters with ancestors start to outnumber the encounters with contemporaries it is time to do something about it.

To compensate for my hermitic life and mingle a bit more with the world outside, I recently signed on as a volunteer with Oxfam, to work in their bookshop in Troon two afternoons a week.
The Oxfam Troon branch had been kind enough to organize a book signing event for our genealogy mystery novel Bloodlines-Touch Not the Cat, so I felt like doing them a favour in return.
The task of sorting and selling second hand books, gave me much more than I expected. Especially when my genealogists and writers eye found something very interesting inside a book that had been donated to the shop.

At first it looked like an ordinary telegram. Apparently it had been used as bookmark.
It also seemed ‘dated’ and indeed a postage stamp on the back of the envelope indicated it was sent 1975.

My next find was even more of a surprise.

The telegram, though ordinary looking, turned out to be from The Queen, congratulating a couple in Kilmarnock, a town a few miles from Troon, on their diamond wedding anniversary.
“What a sad story when you think about it,” I said to my colleague.” I bet this telegram was not meant to end this way”.
“Well,” she answered, “Either they were so happy with it they used it as a bookmark, or maybe, since they must have been in their eighties, they simply forgot where they put it.”
In both cases it would be nice to inform someone it had been found. The “diamond” couple were unlikely to be around, however I volunteered to do some research on their children or grandchildren as they might be quite pleased with this genealogy find.
After only a few days, I discovered the “diamond” couples obituaries, their children and grand children. I managed to track down a grandson in Edinburgh who confirmed his mother was clearing her house in Kilmarnock and was delighted that we discovered this telegram.
So, all is well that ends well … one happy woman in Kilmarnock.

Tom McKerley


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  1. RENEE LIVINGSTONE 31 mei 2012 | 21:21

    Dear Tom,
    I met you in Waterstone’s bookshop in East Kilbride when you were promoting your book. You said you would be interested in speaking to my Book Group in Milngavie. I spoke to the other members and we are going to read Bloodlines for our next meeting which is on Tuesday 24 July. We would be delighted if you could join us. We always have lovely coffee and biscuits!


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