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Encounter with a MacDonald (Stranger than Fiction)

29-03-2012 1 comment

It’s March 27th 2012 and I’m sitting outside the terminal of Glasgow Airport to enjoy the sun before checking in for my flight to Holland.
In the week ahead, Ingrid and I are going to do 2 things:

  1. Make an action plan for the official Ballindalloch launch at the highland estate this June 5th; as well as our contribution to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh August 2nd and 9th
  2. Write on the Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat sequel: Traces

The McDonald Tartan

Lots to think about and prepare for sure, but I get nicely distracted when a friendly looking lady sits down next to me. Soon we’re engaged into small talk. She tells me she’s from the United States but used to live on the Isle of Skye, moving back to Maine 12 years ago. She introduces herself as a MacDonald. Smiling she adds: “Doesn’t every American come from here (Scotland) one way or another”.
Mrs. MacDonald then goes on to tell me that genealogy research has traced her family name back to 1640.
It’s this moment where the business cards of Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat start to stir in my pocket like a Harry Potter moving picture and magically one finds its way into her hands.
“You might be interested to read this if you’re into genealogy” I comment. The lady reads the book description at the back of the card and says: “Wow, that’s just my kind of read”.
“You can buy it at the “Discover Glasgow” shop here at the airport”, I tell her, “right behind customs”.
Then her travel companion joins us saying Logan (Boston) is now checking in and they need to go.
“Look at this” Mrs. MacDonald shows her friend the business card “I want to buy this book before we leave. This gentleman here has co-authored it”.
“Have you now really” the friend says while she accepts the card and smiles at me. Then her eyes widen in surprise. “I’ve just read that book before we left the States” she exclaims.
Now, it’s my turn to widen my eyes. “Are you sure that’s our Bloodlines” I ask in surprise.
“I am” she reassures me, “Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat… and it was a great read” .
Being in hurry now, they quickly assemble their luggage and say their goodbye’s. I find myself staring at them in amazement.
For what are the odds for a first time author meeting someone from a 3 billion people population, who would have read the book and be the friend of someone I just casually started chatting to at Glasgow airport?
It felt as though I had won the lottery.



1 comment

  1. elizabeth walsh smith 22 april 2012 | 15:06

    Serendipitous Synchronicity! Bravo from the Universe!


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