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Strathaven ‘Bloodlines’ Library Event July 3rd 2018 6.30 PM

22-06-2018 Geen reacties

On his Strathaven 3rd of July tour, Tom McKerley will be in Strathaven Library as off 6.30 pm to talk about family history and the [...]


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Touch Not the Cat’s Whiskers Tom McKerley

22-06-2018 Geen reacties

Tom McKerley will be in Strathaven July 3rd to talk about family history and the writing of Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat and Bloodlines-Traces. [...]



Family History Writing, Events & Bookreadings

12-03-2017 Geen reacties

Dear Bloodlines Readers,
It has been a while since you last heard from McKerley & Schippers and what goes on in the sometimes surprising world [...]


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Who Gave ‘Auld Lang Syne’ its Words?

03-01-2017 Geen reacties

Ask a genealogist what is the most interesting aspect of researching family history and you’ll most likely hear it’s what they learn about themselves, that [...]



Bloodlines Blurbs: a Legacy for Posterity

07-09-2016 Geen reacties

‘You know it saddens me how over the years I never realized I wasn’t taking the time to discuss family history with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and so on. Now I do not even have a brother or sister to go to’
Cathy gave a wry smile. She could relate to the woman’s regret.


Ancestors and their events

Tell us about your family history

05-09-2016 Geen reacties

Do you know what happened in your family generations ago?
Do you have your very own genealogy tale to tell?
We would love to hear [...]